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>Andrew Dynon wrote:
>> I just got the first issue of the new
"Tigers of Terra" series
>Could you tell me what the series is about?

It's by Ted Nomura, the writer/artist for "World War II 1946" (an
alternate-reality WWII comic) and is set in the same continuity. The
explaination at the start of the new series is as follows:

        "History is what we believe to be true, and any diversion of facts can
create multiple possible events whic can affect the very balance of space
and time. In this story, Earth Mark II was created after the protohumans
miscalculated the future and caused an alternate evolution of an
ontelligent species, changing the genesis baased on birds to one based on
mammals, resulting in Homo Sapiens - humans! By 1895, Earth was in its
third amendment. The rupture of time and space caused in 1946 resulted in
the opening of a paralell universe. In 1981, a second Earth emerged, and
in 1999, manned expedition to the "new" earth ended in disaster. The
"Chromosome War of 2018" caused the demise of the male population. Key
government positions were therefore taken over by women. By 2035, the
Earth was finally recovering from the "Great Crisis". Unfortunately, the
new "Earth", now called simply as "Terra" was dominated by the warlike
amazons of the Viragonian Empire, bent on accomplishing their "Purity
Order" by eliminating all males after cloning technology was perfected.
Members of the Earth Volunteer Group, however, are determined to stop the
"genocide of Terra"."

        BTW, I've realised after reading through it again that I misread some
facts. I'm trying to find back issues of the B&W series, but I'm having a
fairly hard time.

        Oh, and the plane designs are really cool. I recently bought a Valkyrie
model that I'm planning to paint like a TigerHawk. And there's lots of
cute female pilots too ;-)

>> and eventually a war erupts between the Earth (i.e. Feds) and Terra
>> "new" Earth).
>Well, already Dougram did it in early 80's...:)

Not familiar with that...

>BTW, recently I got the photocopied excerpts of the very first
>proposal of Gundam (titled 'GUNBOY, THE SPACE BATTLE CORPS' at that
>taken from the book named Gundam Archives with a help from my
>Originally, the 'GUNBOY' dealt with the interstellar war between
>earthlings colonized on the distant planet called 'NEW EARTH' and
>fierce native alines called 'THE ZEON EMPIRE'(!)... a la Round

I wanna see this one! Any idea how I can get copies (raw or sub, doesn't

BTW, the story's not gonna be a crossover so much as a merging of the two
concepts. BTW, does anyone want to volunteer to do fanart for this? (I'm
bad at drawing, and terrible at mecha design!)
Andrew Dynon

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