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> I don't see a problem with beam sabers blocking each other. They're
>basically hollow I-field shells filled with superheated plasma; if the
>enclosing I-field shell can hold in its own contents, it can just as
>easily hold out the contents of another beam saber. The same logic
>applies to beam shields blocking beam sabers. Note also the bit in 0083
>where Gato pumps up the power of his beam saber until it finally smashes
>through Kou's...

There's actually no problem with beam sabres locking, or being held off by
axeblades. The field that shapes the plasma would have to designed to only
keep things in, not out(otherwise, the internal plasma would never come
into contact with anything). If another beam sabre or a heat resistant
blade entered the field of a beam sabre, it could very well get trapped,
since the field would be designed to keep anyting inside inside. In other
words, if you intersect a beam sabre blade with something that won't melt,
it might take effort to pull that something back out, since the field would
try to contain that someting along with it's own plasma.

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