Mon, 28 Aug 2000 01:53:20 EDT

Just As Ed previously mentioned, there are really numerous places that just
keep popping up wih model kits of all kinds. So, you may really have to look
Hi and low to find some good stuff.Here are some other places that I know of
besides Ed's
=There's a store I believe was called Extreme Toys, located inside
Montebello Town Center/Mall. Which is just right next to the 60. Very limited
in selection and the prices are somewhat high I guess, but you might find
something you'll like.Forgot the business hrs.
=Ever drop by Little Tokyo? Might find something there as well. Probably not
a lot of models, but tons of books, wall scrolls and other little gundam
gimmicks. Located right next to 101.
=And try to stop by the monthly conventions at shrine auditorium. To find out
times, check out www.comicbookscifi.com
Hope that helps as well

>here are now a number of dealers who sell Gundam kits. Look for Angelo
>at the 2nd column near the loading docks area,
Oh and Ed, if you see this, what do you mean by 2nd column?

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