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> What would "Kikaioh" mean? Machine King? King of Machines? In that case,
> I'd prefer Tech Romancer.

Sounds like Dangaioh... Which Shoji Kawamori also designed.

It's really fun to pick precisely which anime each robot is parodying. Id say:

"Kikaioh" is Mazinger Z
"Twinzam V" is Getter Robo
"Dixen" is a Generic Federation MS from Gundam
"Rafaga" is a Macross Plus/7 valkyrie
"Wise Duck" is a Monster Destroid from Macross
"Diana 17" is ARIEL from ARIEL visual
"Pulsion" is a FSS Mortar headd/Evangelion Bio mecha
"Gourai" is a bit tough, It reminds me of many real robot shows. It could fit in
in gundam or FSS or even a super robot show.
Bolon could be one of AMG's Skuld's creations

---Brett Jensen

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