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Sun, 27 Aug 2000 21:25:51 -0700

>does anyone know where else can i get gundam kits, other than toys r us?
>Just shoot off all places that you may know of in the los angeles area
>(preferably downtown pasadena or glendale area). i am a newbie to the
>world of gundam but am tired of wing (at least the kits).

Check out Kawaii Anime across the street from PCC. It's diagonally across
from Burger King, right next to the Army/Navy/Marine recruitment office.
There's a Japanese restaurant called Sakura, it's about a block away from
Burger King where they serve family style Japanese meals, check it out while
you're in the area.

No idea about Glendale, but if you happen to be near Chinatown, you can
check out Neo Hoppyland. I forgot their address, but you can get their
phone # from directory assistance.

If you go to the City of Industry area, there's the now outrageously priced
Legends Toys & Hoppies on Colima off the 60 freeway at the Asuza exit.
They've recently jacked up the price of all their kits (especially Wing and
Endless Waltz ones) and no longer give 30% off discounts. I do not
recommend shopping there unless you are desperate and have money to burn.

A few miles from Legends there's a warehouse where they have a collectibles
show (kinda like a swapmeet but with a roof on top) every Wednesday from
afternoon to the evening and Saturdays from morning to the afternnon.
There are now a number of dealers who sell Gundam kits. Look for Angelo
at the 2nd column near the loading docks area, he's got the best price and
can give you a better discount on quantity purchases. He'll even special
order kits not carried there for you. I regret ordering my MG Sazabi from
Japan after hearing what his price was.

Do NOT buy from these online retailers, speaking from painful personal

- HobbyLink Japan: one day there will be a Harvard Business School case
  study on how not to ruin a good e-business based on them.

- ActionAce.com: very questionable business practices, unreliable.

I'd recommend Rainbow 10 (http://www.wbs.ne.jp/bt/models/english/index.html)
but shipping from Japan can really turn a good deal into a bad one, you
need to do some comparative shopping locally before ordering from Japan.
They do, however, offer several shipping options for you to choose from
(HLJ, by comparison, will only ship via UPS) so you have some control over
how much shipping cost will be.

Hope that helps,


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