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> Subject: RE: [gundam] Heat hawks / heat rods: what are they made of?
> >It's probably not a metal at all, but a ceramic or cermet. The best material
> >have now would be reinforced carbon-carbon (RCC), which is used for the nose
> >the space shuttle. Tungsten carbide might also work.
> >And isn't the "heat rod" really an electrical, not a thermal, weapon?
> From the way I've seen it used in the series, it seems to be a mix of both,
> or at least manifests qualties of both at different times. is it possible
> to have both abilities in one system?

Actually, I just had a better idea, although it posits the existence of a
superinsulator (call it "inertron") and a superconductor (call it "ultron").
You make your heat weapon out of any suitable material or alloy, say, high
tensile steel or titanium. You cover the sharpened edges with a coat of
inertron, then cover that with a coat of ultron. Run a power lead from the
ultron sheath tp your fusion reactor and it immediately becomes as hot as the
reactant. Path of least resistance causes the heat to radiate (everywhere),
conduct (on contact or in atmosphere/under water) and convect (atmosphere/water
only) outward. The weapon stays cool to the degree that the insulation holds
and it's out of the pathof its own radiation/conduction/convection.

The downside is that the ultron coating is likely to chip or wear away with
repeated use, as might the inertron "shielding" underneath. The former is a
minor maintenance issue, but the latter could cause the weapon to spontaneously

Have we ever seen a catastrophic failure of a melee weapon in Gundam? I've seen
reactors blow, but I don't recall seeing a beam saber or heat hawk explode.


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