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Benjamin Liptak writes,

>Let's see, the Zaku's made of Titanium/Ceramic.

  Not to restart the armor wars, but this probably isn't the case. A few
recent books have guessed at the armor materials used in 0080 and 0083,
which were originally unspecified, and made the implausible assertion
that they're made of titanium-ceramic composite like the modern mobile
suits of Z Gundam. More likely, the Zaku F2 is made of high-tensile
steel, just like the original Zaku II.

  This being the case, a heat blade made from a stronger material -
titanium or ceramic materials - could perhaps be heated to the point
where it slices right through a Zaku, without being destroyed itself.
Still, it's said that heat blades can only used a few times, since
they're intrinsically degraded by use. The HG-UC Gouf manual, for
example, says its heat saber is made from ceramic materials (yep,
Dafydd's right on the money) and can be used more than 10 times in a
single battle.

>Also, wouldn't all this heat from the rod melt the Dom's hand as easily as
>it did the Zaku's armor? At this heat you would also see heat waves
>eminating from the rod....

  Supposedly, electrical power is supplied via the mobile suit's hand and
then converted to heat by the weapon itself. Presumably the handle is
heavily insulated. :-)

Pierce writes,

>The Same exact thing came to my mind in 0080, when we have Mckenzie in the
>Alex duking it out with Bernie in a Zaku with only melee weapons. Then they
>get into a lock with a beam saber and heat hawk!?! Is this technically
>possible in the gundam universe, cause I can understand how this
>clash makes the ending that more dramatic.

  I'm not sure _why_ this is possible, but it's always been the case in
Gundam (going back to the original series). Perhaps the blade, designed
to withstand immense heat, i simply strong enough to resist a beam
saber... but like they say, why don't they make the whole mobile suit out
of that stuff? :-)

Trevor writes,

> Technically, they should not be able to "lock" (actually, according to
>some sorces [I forget which ones], beam sabers in the Gundam world
>shouldn't be able to "lock/block" either = since the energy has more of
>a "flowing" nature).

  I don't see a problem with beam sabers blocking each other. They're
basically hollow I-field shells filled with superheated plasma; if the
enclosing I-field shell can hold in its own contents, it can just as
easily hold out the contents of another beam saber. The same logic
applies to beam shields blocking beam sabers. Note also the bit in 0083
where Gato pumps up the power of his beam saber until it finally smashes
through Kou's...

-- Mark

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