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'death god' or maybe 'death spirit'.

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> Thanks a lot, but I'm still curious about the literal translation of
> "Shinigami." I know that a lot of you know Japanese, so could you please
> translate this word/name?
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> Here is an excerpt of an AC timeline that I found on the Net awhile
> ago. The passage I'm includings explains about Duo's past and will
> hopefully answer some of your questions. If you want the entire
> timeline which gives a background on the AC events and those that lived
> in it, just let me know and I can put it up on the ML or e-mail it to
> you.
> Peter
> AC 187 A virus breaks out at L2's V08744 colony. An antidote is
> developed, but is not provided to the poorer and less desirable
> colonists. Among the unwanted is a gang of orphans led by a boy
> named Solo; a member of his gang steals the antidote from an
> Alliance base, but too late to save Solo. Dying, Solo promises to be
> with his friend forever, and the seven-year-old boy thus adopts the
> name "Duo." Though Duo didn't get enough antidote for himself, he
> never contracts the virus, and attributes this to Solo's watching
> over him.
> Source: Endless Waltz novelization
> After this, Duo and his fellow urchins are taken in by
> V08744's Maxwell Church. While the other boys are soon placed with
> foster homes, Duo ends up living at the church with the Reverend and
> kindly nun Sister Helen. Since Duo refuses to have his long hair
> cut, Sister Helen braids it for him. Ever the theological quibbler,
> Duo maintains that he doesn't believe in God, but he believes in the
> god of death as he's seen his handiwork many times in his short life.
> Source: Endless Waltz novelization, Episode Zero
> AC 188 Another uprising takes place at L2's V08744. Rebels seize the
> Maxwell Church, and when the Reverend urges them to lay down their
> arms and follow Heero Yuy's path of peace, they accuse him of being
> an Alliance spy. The rebels agree to leave the church if Duo can
> steal them a mobile suit, but when he returns to the church with his
> booty, he finds that the Alliance has attacked and razed it. 245
> people are killed in the "Maxwell Church Massacre," including the
> Reverend and Sister Helen.
> Source: Endless Waltz novelization, Episode Zero
> AC 192 Howard and Professor G, both members of the salvage
> organization known as the Sweeper Group, complete the huge space
> ship Peacemillion and hide it on the lunar surface. Howard then goes
> to Earth to work aboard a salvage ship, while Professor G and his
> Sweeper cohorts remain in space.
> On the return trip, the Sweepers discover a stowaway and
> bring him before Professor G. The stowaway gives his name as "Duo
> Maxwell." Professor G replies, "What, like Maxwell's Demon?" - to
> which Duo responds, "I'm no demon, I'm the god of death!"
> Source: Endless Waltz novelization, Episode Zero
> AC 195 Aboard a Sweeper Group ship, Duo Maxwell decides he can't
> stomach Operation Meteor's genocidal blueprint. He attempts to
> blow up the Gundam Deathscythe and thus derail the operation, but
> finds that Professor G has defused his bombs. Professor G urges Duo
> to steal the Deathscythe, telling him to go to Earth and there join
> forces with Howard.
> Source: Endless Waltz, Endless Waltz novelization
> > ROBOTICK wrote:
> >
> > I remember Duo speaking to someone on the phone about helping to
> > scythe "the wheat" later. I never really thought about it until now.
> > Who was he talking to anyway? Does he call himself "Shinigami"
> > because Death is usually portrayed as a scytheman clothed in black? I
> > thought it was just a thing of his for a while because he took pride
> > in killing his enemies. What's the preacher's collar all about,
> > though? What is the literal translation of "Shinigami"? Is it a name
> > for Death or does it actually translate to mean something like "the
> > god of death"? Thanks for any answers or comments.
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