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>kwistchin #1: is there going to be a version 1.5 of
>the one year war gm, after the version 1.5 rx-78?
>will it come out any time soon (within the year), or
>am i better off grabbing the current master grade gm?

The logical assumption is that there should be a ver. 1.5, since the GM and
the rx78 share the majority of their parts. alternatively, you can buy the
old GM kit and then mix tem into a ver.1.5 rx78. Pretty expensive though.

>side kwistchin: damn that gm pea-shooter...what the
>heck is that water gun capable of doing anyway?

it's a beam spray gun. probably similar in effect to a shotgun.

>kwistchin #2: do any of the 0080 or zeta gm's or
>maybe jegans figure into future hguc or master grade
>releases? anybody in the know? or am i better off
>hunting around for the existing 0080 gm's?

i want an HGUC rickdomII. The Jegan? they probably have blueprints for it
already...but I doubt if it will ever see the light of day, unless Bandai
does a screwball decision again.

>kwistchin #3: in relation to grunt mecha...i'm just
>curious: anyone out there with a roster of the
>non-newtype aces (this just about disqualifies kou and
>christina) in the federation (and zeon, while you're
>at it :P). were there any (fed non-newtype aces, i
>mean), aside from alpha's squad and south burning?
>'course, i dunno what exactly quantifies as an "ace"
>in gundam.

I don't have a roster, but aces are usually people who have racked up a set
amount of kills.

>kwistchin #3a: white dingo. elucidate please. i
>recall reading bits and pieces about it, but can't
>really piece 'em together with my 32 byte brain ram.


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