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hokay, I just got this baby, courtesy of a good friend (Thanks Charles!),
whom I will be paying back with the next payday.

here goes the review.

The Instruction Manual -- I hate to say it, but quality is slipping. Yes,
it still has great grpahics for the info page part, but the instruction
steps graphic are not good. some of the parts look distorted, so for one
of the few times in my gundam life, I've had to rely more on the frame and
piece number. It's a large pamphlet (fold-out), and is worthy of diplay.

The Kit:

Let's start from the feet. the feet are simple two piece affairs, with
basic detailing at the soles and almost NO setail on the top part of the
foot. It's rather disheartening, but it does keep in line with the look of
the design.

The lower legs are LARGE, and once again have hidden details, specifically
a piston like frame part which is basically the ankle and the calf.
attached to this are bright red internal surfaces for the thrust units at
the sides of the leg. The knees are based on the knees of the turn A.
looks flimsy, but is actually very structurally sound, once again using
t-frames to make it stable. It's a double-joint knee, and the thighs are
pretty ok.

The waist area is intriguing. The front skirt-plates are very
manueverable, allowing for a lot of poses, but the side plates are somewhat
stiff dure to the somewhat complex and limited fashion in which they are
constructed. the back skirt plate is fixed in position...and has an MG
style inner area which is also bright red. It reminds me of the
contruction for the MG gelgoog's backplate. There are microthrustersat the
back, but on top of the skirt, not inside it, like the thrusters of the

The waist allows it to turn a little from side to side, but other than
that, is nearly useless.

The surprise comes with the chest and shoulders.the chest area has two
belt-like shoulder pieces which are made of polycapo material, but similar
parts under the armpits are made of plastic. the shoulder joint is a
marvel. It's composed of two polycaps and a stick conector/actuator in
between them for each shoulder. and the actuator has pistons and other
nice details on it. very MG like, it reminds me again of how the gelgoog
shoulders are designed. Here's the new thing: The shoulder armor is
connected to the actuator rod with a polycap, allowing for more realistic
movement of the shoulder armor in relation to the actual shoulder joint.
the upper arms are similar in construction to the Hyakushiki HGUC, with an
internal rod and an external system over it.the forearms are nice, but are
big, like popeye arms. The hand is the surprise; polycap trigger finger,
and as large as a small MG hand. it really gives the whole kit a retro
feel. There are cable details all over the arm, but my gripe is that part
of the forearm which has cable detail easily gets detached from the arm

The backpack is simple, and no surprises there. the beam pistols are
well-made, and the cray bazooka is hookable (LOL!) to the support struts
for the thruster units.

The head does have a nice hinge-up panel to see some internal stuff. the
eye is made out of translucent yellow material, with incised crosshairs.
The beam saber has translucent yellow material for the blade, which is
detachable fromthe hilt, just like an MG.

The color is okay, but there are a lot of mold lines. not good, as if it
wasn't cooled correctly.

The proportions of the kit make it look like the brawler it should be. I
am very satisfied with the kit.

this guy waiting in the production departments of bandai.

It has that classic feel, but with modern technology. you guys better buy
one, or wait for the inevitable red color version. This kit restores my
faith in the HGUC line.

And there we have it!

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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