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Sun, 27 Aug 2000 08:33:40 EDT

Hi, to people who are knowledgeable about Evangelion models and figures, I
have a few questions to ask you. Do anyone knows if this is a model or a


What's its estimated price?

Thanks for your helps.

Models for sale:

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> > Sorry to add to the off-topic discussions. But the other day I saw a
> > posable EVA figure at the local comic/game store. When I went bakc the
> > to buy it, it was already gone. Does anyone know where I find
> > online to order one.
> > Damn my bills before toys thinking;)
> > Thanks, R.J.
>You might have seen one that's made by Xebek Toys. I just got an EVA-02
>by them, cost me around 15 bucks with tax, it is quite posable, don't have
>it in front of me, think it is around 8 inches, made with vinyl. The only
>bad thing is that the legs stay WAY spread apart and it can't stand
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