Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 23:33:22 -0700

>I kinda screwed up and accidently deleted my shipping invoice from hlj
>from my e-mail and I also deleted my other member info. So how in the
>hell do I get another invoice? I've waited for a month for them to back
>order something and now I've screwed up and deleted the payment request.

Good luck... even if you e-mail them at customer service it'll probably
take them forever to get back to you. My e-mail sent to them about a week
ago went unreplied.

BTW, here's Eddie's guide to forcing HLJ to process your order immediately,
if you are frustrated of having your order sit at the "Being Processed
for Shipping" phase for weeks without anything done to it: e-mail them at
trouble@hlj.com and ask them to cancel your order. They won't respond to
your e-mail at all. Instead, you'll get a shipping notice from them about
4 days later. Works like a charm.


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