Brett Jensen (
Sat, 26 Aug 2000 09:52:55 -0700

I just picked up this game, and it rules. Every anime fan who has a dreamcast
should own it. I do have a couple of minor nitpicks though:

The original title of the game is Kikaioh, not "Tech Romancer" (listen to the
the opening theme for gods sake!) . "Tech Romancer" sounds like a dating sim for

Kikaioh was also the name of the Super robot which is now G. Kaiser. "G. Kaiser
sounds like a character from an SNK fighting game. It's rather silly that you
hear the characters say Kikaioh, but they sub it as G. Kaiser...WHY?

Other than that, it seems very faithful to what I remember playing in an arcade
in Japan.

A really anime flavored game. Did I mention that the voice actors for Char,
Zechs, and (I think) Camille are present?

For those who have played it, what is your favorite robot? Mine is probably
Twinzam V or Dixen.

---Brett Jensen

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