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Andrew Dynon wrote:

> I just got the first issue of the new "Tigers of Terra" series

Could you tell me what the series is about?

> and eventually a war erupts between the Earth (i.e. Feds) and Terra (the
> "new" Earth).

Well, already Dougram did it in early 80's...:)
BTW, recently I got the photocopied excerpts of the very first series
proposal of Gundam (titled 'GUNBOY, THE SPACE BATTLE CORPS' at that time)
taken from the book named Gundam Archives with a help from my friends.
Originally, the 'GUNBOY' dealt with the interstellar war between the
earthlings colonized on the distant planet called 'NEW EARTH' and the
fierce native alines called 'THE ZEON EMPIRE'(!)... a la Round Vernian

> Probably the Terrans will sit back and watch the Feds and Zeons blow
> each other to hell in the OYW, move in to take over afterward, and find the
> job more difficult than they anticipated.

Put the Jupiter Fleet in the place of Terrans, then you get what?
Crossbone Gundam, bingo! :)

-Sunwook Kim

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