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> To -Z-
> Sorry to hear about the heart and other things.
> I have been and currently am in the medical device industry, and was an
> EMT for 14 years and am still a registered First Responder, so I know
> what you have gone thru and have to go thru in the future. FOLLOW YOUR
> I would hate to not see any more posts from you.
> Get well and rejoin us soon.
> Chris

Same here, get better, man. Sounds like somebody could use the medicinal
benefits of life on a space colony. I guess it's up to somebody to start
building one.


"Of course as I got older I learned of better uses for beer bottles.
 Like heating them up with a blow torch then shoving them up someone's
 ass and spraying freezing water on them to make them shatter."

- Prescott, maximizer of freetime

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