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<< O.K., I just got the first 5 of the FM3 figures, and they are awesome!
 However, I don't play the game yet, so I'm curious as to what some of
 these weapons are that come with the figs (I'm working on a table-top
 game that I can use these cool figs for). I've checked the official
 strategy guide, but there are no pics of the weapons, just a list with
 names. If anyone knows this game really well, please e-mail me directly
 so I can find out what some of this stuff is/does. Later.

  Well, I need to know what each weapon looks like, to give an accurate
description of each weapon. How tall are these figures? In the game there are
Flamers (Flamer Throwers), Shotgun guns, standard rifles, a rifle that's
hooked under the arm, melee weapons and of course shoulder mounted missile
packs. The back packs either add extra power or is a storage container. In
the game, for each Wanzer, you must decide if you want a storage pack or an
extra power pack.

  I can go into a deeper and better description tomorrow, when I have more
time. This is a great game and is a must buy for mecha fans. Will probably
eventually sale my N64 for money to get some of the figures.


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