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Wow, sorry to hear it. I hope you can turn it around (as much as it
can be) through a combination of diet and insulin treatment. Diabetes
runs in my family, so I understand the kind of complications it can
cause, and wish you all the best.

Don't have any regrets about your postings. You have been a valuable
contributor to this list, and that is all that matters. We all get
carried away in the heat of argument sometimes, it is nothing to fret

Good luck, and I for one certainly look forward to your recovery and
return to the list.

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> Dear Friends:
> On Friday, 18 August 2000, I was stricken with a mild heart attack,
> a blockage of a blood vessel known as angina pectoris. This was
> quickly and easily corrected with an angioplasty procedure, a sort
> of "roto-rooter" removal of the blockage, followed by the insertion
> of a "stent" or tubular reinforcement of the arterial wall. So
> far, so good, but during my hospitalization I was also diagnosed as
> having diabetes, which may indeed have been the proximiate cause of
> my coronary problem. The diabetic imbalance is quites advanced,
> having gone undetected for at least 18 months and possibly a full
> two years. The combination of the two has kept me in the hospital
> until just yesterday and looks to keep me on bed rest and
> rehabilitation for at least the next month.
> The upshot of all this is that my online activity is being severely
> rationed if not altogether curtailed for the next two to six weeks
> and will have to be limited to no more than a few hours per day
> thereafter. I currently have 396 unread messages from this list
> and it's not likely that I'll be reading any but the most select
> few. My postings will likely be few and far between and not nearly
> as in-depth as is my wont, but it's still one of my favorite
> pastimes, so you will still be hearing from me to whatever degree
> I'm able to participate.
> Near-death experiences have a way of making one appreciate the joys
> in one's life all the more and you lot, for all that signal to
> noise ratio can sometimes veer tediously into the noisy end of the
> spectrum, have long been one a joy in mine. You can help me keep
> my hand in by making a conscious effort to keep things on the
> signal end and make every post count.
> Be good to one another and let your enthusiam unite, not divide,
> you all. I, myself, now regret some of the things that I've posted
> here.
> I'm quite tired now, so I'll probably have to work through 500
> message tomorrow instead of the nearly 400 already on hand today,
> but I'll get through them eventually.
> Please make it worth my time.

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