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Fri, 25 Aug 2000 15:29:37 -0700

Dear Friends:

On Friday, 18 August 2000, I was stricken with a mild heart attack, a blockage
of a blood vessel known as angina pectoris. This was quickly and easily
corrected with an angioplasty procedure, a sort of "roto-rooter" removal of the
blockage, followed by the insertion of a "stent" or tubular reinforcement of the
arterial wall. So far, so good, but during my hospitalization I was also
diagnosed as having diabetes, which may indeed have been the proximiate cause of
my coronary problem. The diabetic imbalance is quites advanced, having gone
undetected for at least 18 months and possibly a full two years. The
combination of the two has kept me in the hospital until just yesterday and
looks to keep me on bed rest and rehabilitation for at least the next month.

The upshot of all this is that my online activity is being severely rationed if
not altogether curtailed for the next two to six weeks and will have to be
limited to no more than a few hours per day thereafter. I currently have 396
unread messages from this list and it's not likely that I'll be reading any but
the most select few. My postings will likely be few and far between and not
nearly as in-depth as is my wont, but it's still one of my favorite pastimes, so
you will still be hearing from me to whatever degree I'm able to participate.

Near-death experiences have a way of making one appreciate the joys in one's
life all the more and you lot, for all that signal to noise ratio can sometimes
veer tediously into the noisy end of the spectrum, have long been one a joy in
mine. You can help me keep my hand in by making a conscious effort to keep
things on the signal end and make every post count.

Be good to one another and let your enthusiam unite, not divide, you all. I,
myself, now regret some of the things that I've posted here.

I'm quite tired now, so I'll probably have to work through 500 message tomorrow
instead of the nearly 400 already on hand today, but I'll get through them

Please make it worth my time.


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