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> Subject: [gundam] Favorite ... character?
> What with all the polls on favorite mobile suit designs, favorite Gundams
> et all of late, we seem to be forgetting they who pilot those hunks of
> metal. So here we go, name your favorite characters, and what makes them
> worthy of attention.
> So i'll go first:
> Shiro Amada: Lead character of 08th MS Team, he's really everything a
> mobile suit team leader should be. He's got skill, creativity, leadership,
> and believes firmly in his own code of honor. He's a grownup compared to
> many characters, and has neither newtype powers or bishounen looks on his
> side, yet he believable pulled through in the end and got the girl. He
> really does care about those beneath him and was repeatedly proved to be a
> competent commander, as well as a solid, if not stellar, pilot. If I was
> assembling a team of ground pounder mobile suits, Shiro's the man I'd call
> to lead it.
> Norris Packard: Of all the Gundam I've seen, Norris really comes off as
> one of the best Zeon pilots out there. His use of the terrain in
> his final fight against the 08th MS Team was unmatched ... never have I
> seen such a perfect combination between pilot and MS (his Gouf). His
> devotion to Zeon comes off as genuine, rather than forced (cough
> cough Gato cough), and the father/daughter thing between he and Ayna was
> nicely done. He also gets my vote for coolest death, because even when he
> loses, he wins.
> Do I like the 08th MS Team? Hell yeh I do =) It's the best I've watched so
> far ... only seeing 1/3rd of Zeta isn't enough for me to fully respect
> Camille, and my complete lack of exposure to MSG means I can't rightly
> comment on Amuro and Char, CCA just isn't adequate.

Shiro is a good choice. My pick is Usso Ebbing of Victory Gundam. Here is
a kid (13) who got dragged into a war against his will. He takes it like a
man, and endures one tragedy after another, without the tantrum of Amuro
Rey. He is resourceful without the stupendous power trip the other Newtype
pilots goes thru. I mean, of all of Gundam characters, who would you
actually want to live in your neighborhood? Christina Mackenzie of 0080 is
another one.

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