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There's a few books I've seen around, and I'm curious as to what they are
since i've just seen covers. General comments, what their contents are, all
that good stuff would be nice =)

Kidousenshi Gundam Shin MS Daizenshuu Ver.3
Kidou Senshi Gyakushuu no Shar[Gundam Char's Counterattack]
Kidousenshi Gundam Character Daizukan
Kidousenshi Gundam Gion Shinpou Hitoku Sareta Kiroku
Gundam ZZ & Z Hozonban Settei Shiryoushuu
Gundam Digital Archives[CG Works]

Two other related questions ... whats the deal with the hardcover version of
the Gundam Illustration World? I've seen it around, but at 2x the cost of
the softcover version and it doesn't have the nice cover ... the cost just
'cos its hardcover?
Secondly, a "film comic" is basically screen caps from the movie/tv with
text overlaid to move the story along, right?

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