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Fri, 25 Aug 2000 22:03:10 +1000

        I just got the first issue of the new "Tigers of Terra" series yesterday,
and I got the idea of writing a fanfic combining elements of _Gundam_ and
_Tigers of Terra_. I only have very vague ideas about the plotline at the
moment, and the main reason I'm posting this is so that people can help me
brainstorm for ideas. Well, at least I have a title: "Altered Mobile War:
Tiger Gundam"

        My ideas for the plot are very rough at this stage... the second Earth (as
mentioned at the beginning of the new TOT series) appears in the early
years of the UC timeline), and eventually a war erupts between the Earth
(i.e. Feds) and Terra (the "new" Earth). Probably the Terrans will sit
back and watch the Feds and Zeons blow each other to hell in the OYW, move
in to take over afterward, and find the job more difficult than they
anticipated. Oh, and the Feds and Zeons aren't gonna just put aside all
their differences due to the invasion.

        Any thought on how I could expand this would be appreciated.
Andrew Dynon

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