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PierceCete@aol.com wrote:
> The Same exact thing came to my mind in 0080, when we have Mckenzie in the
> Alex duking it out with Bernie in a Zaku with only melee weapons. Then they
> get into a lock with a beam saber and heat hawk!?! Is this technically
> possible in the gundam universe, cause I can understand how this unbelievable
> clash makes the ending that more dramatic.
> -Pierce

  Technically, they should not be able to "lock" (actually, according to
some sorces [I forget which ones], beam sabers in the Gundam world
shouldn't be able to "lock/block" either = since the energy has more of
a "flowing" nature). However, in Z Gundam, they quite frequently
blocked a beam saber with a shield with minimal damage being done to the
shield (which is pretty lame if you think about it). CCA pretty much
set the stage as for how beam sabers should really be treated (as far as
effects go). As for the thing at the end of 0080, I guess we could
assume that the denser materials used in the construction of the heat
hawk (and heat saber for that matter) would give it a bit more immunity
to the effects of beam weapons. If we put it into game terms [Trevor
instantly transforms into "Geekazoid"...], a heat hawk would survive a
beam saber blow (or a blow TO a beam saber) on a 1-2 on 1d6 (simplified,
but it works). So lets all just assume that "most" of the time,
something like what we saw in the end of 0080 would not occur, and that
it was one of those "incredible anime luck" things that just helped to
move the plot along (are my Mekton roots showing?...).
  BTW, in a previous post, someone said tungsten is 3x the weight of
titanium, but that's still pretty light. Titanium is about as heavy as
aluminum (which isn't heavy at all), and as strong as steel, which is
why it's such a useful metal.

        Trevor in California

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