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Chris Maier wrote:

> Is it just me or does the Guncannon look a lot like Ideon, from the anime
> series of the same title? Did Kunio Okawara use Ideon as an
> inspiration when
> he designed it? Or perhaps a better question-did he design Ideon as well?

and Rodrick Su answered:

> Don't know. But since Space Runaway Ideon has pretty much the same crew as
> Mobile Suit Gundam, it is highly likely that he design this one as well.
The right answer is NO.
first, Ideon (broadcasted in 1980~1981) came after Gundam (in 1979~1980),
and second, Okawara didn't get involved in Space Runaway Ideon.
Ideon's mechanical gadgets were designed by the mysterious group called
'SUBMARINE', about whom I have no info at all...

Some friends of mine commented that Ideon looks rather like GM than
Guncannon... and nicknamed it 'Psycho GM' just for joke's sake...
(well, if you've read that infamous Gundam parody manga <Counterattack
of Gigantis> by Yuichi Hasegawa, that joke is something more than just
a joke, though...:)

-Sunwook Kim

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