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Best of luck, Gus =)
Please try and refrain from naming any kids you guys may have Amuro or Char
though :P I once heard a description of how "otaku" is a bad word to call
yourself. See, a normal hardcore anime fan might name their cat "Amuro", but
an otaku would name his/her kids Char Aznable I, Char Aznable II, and Char
Aznable III, regardless of gender :P

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> Ok boys and girls (there are still ladies on this list, right?). It's time > for this man to go through a major change in his life. So, I will be back > after Labor Day. Be kind to one another. Don't anyone start any silly > fights ;) > Take care and wish me luck. I will need it. > PS > Hold off on any interesting modeling post 'til I come back :) > Gus Jae > > > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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