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>At 10:11 AM 8/24/00 -0400, you wrote:
>>I've seen some of them.
>>A little place in chine town sells some, and this is what I've noticed for
>>this particular bootleg:
>>The box images are deformed. They seem to have the EW 1/100 covers altered
>>for the 1/144 models boxes
>>They company name is BENDAI, and it's in a red diamond instead of a square
>>I didn't have a chance to look inside, but it appears that someone got ahold
>>of the molds, or remolded the plastic to recreate the kit. I can only assume
>>that it's a cheap copy of the original.
>>It was about half the price, and I'm tempted to get on to see how bad it
>>really is.
>DO NOT BUY. I bought one -- a gundam Hydra, just to replace the head gear
>which was missing, and damn...IT IS HORRIBLE. Just don't buy it, trust me.

hahahahaha Richie...so you couldn't resist trying one Bendi kit, ne?
I bought my Bendi Hydra for almost 200 Pesos or $5 and the quality SUCKS big time. There are almost no panel lines, the plastic is way toooo thin (one part of the left shoulder cannon broke and thus was stuck into an awkward pose), and the parts don't align with each other by at least one millimeter. If you people want me to bash (literally!) those damn knockoff Bendi kits, I'll do so GLADLY.

"watch out fellow Virtual On Oratorio Tangram player! here comes AJIM-boy!"

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