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> Nope, I hate most FPS's. I am selling my N64 as soon as I can find someone
> who want's it. I have Zelda and have no urge to finish it, I want to, just
> probably won't. The N64 controller is uncomfortable, that's probably most

I'm not big on fps games myself, but I found goldeneye to be a stunning
example of the genre (I think what sold me the most was probably the way the
crosshairs operate) and I've been eagerly awaiting perfect dark (Have other
things that come first tho, like gunpra, and music gear, and last but not
least living expenses) and I actually like the n64 controller better than
any other platform controller. the thumb joystick is, to me, quite
intuitive, and the controller doesn't make me feel like I'm developing carpal
tunnel during extended play like for instance the psx's

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