Benjamin Liptak (
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 16:21:25 -0500

So I was watching the first volume of 0083 where a Dom Tropen uses his heat
rod to cleave a Zaku in two. This got me wondering what temperature it
would take to melt through the Zaku like hot butter.

Let's see, the Zaku's made of Titanium/Ceramic. Titanium has a melting
point of about 3000 deg F. And Ceramic a little more on average at 3500
deg F. For a heat rod to melt through this the way it did would require a
50% higher temp? Say 4500 deg F. Well, the only metals with melting
points up there are Molybdenum and Tungsten - and these are some of the
densest/heaviest metals known! Molybdenum being twice as heavy and
Tungsten being over 3 times as heavy as titanium!

Also, wouldn't all this heat from the rod melt the Dom's hand as easily as
it did the Zaku's armor? At this heat you would also see heat waves
eminating from the rod....

I starting to think that beam sabers are more believable!!!


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