Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 12:55:58 -0700

>I've seen some of them.
>A little place in chine town sells some, and this is what I've noticed for
>this particular bootleg:
>The box images are deformed. They seem to have the EW 1/100 covers altered
>for the 1/144 models boxes
>They company name is BENDAI, and it's in a red diamond instead of a square
>I didn't have a chance to look inside, but it appears that someone got ahold
>of the molds, or remolded the plastic to recreate the kit. I can only assume
>that it's a cheap copy of the original.
>It was about half the price, and I'm tempted to get on to see how bad it
>really is.

BenDi kits are horrible. While recast might be OK for fixed-pose resin
kits, it's a bad, BAD idea on plastic injection mecha kits that have
movable joints because of the inevitable size variance you get from
recasting, which will royally %$^@ up how the joints and the pegs match up.
Not to mention they use cheap plastic and even called Nadesico kits as new
Gundam kits.

Save your hard earned cash and stay away from recasted plastic injection kits,
no matter who made them.


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