Michael Hinchen (hinchen@mindspring.com)
Thu, 24 Aug 2000 14:53:13 -0500

Ok I just finished my Gelgoog(and I messed some stuff up again arghhh
but it's minor this time.) but I was just wondering should I leave it
just plain or should I coat it? I'm hesitant to coat it because my Zaku

II kits look really good with no coating at all they look very
utilitarian and rough and ready and a decent contrast to the nice shiny
Gundams that I have glossy coated. But I was looking at my Gelgoog and
it just doesn't look as nice just plain it looks like it deserves a
little more flash and with Char being a flashy pilot I think it might
look ok but I don't want to over do it. So has anyone gloss coated
their Gelgoog? And how does it look? If not has anyone dull coated it
and does it look ok?

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