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Oh belive me, I wouldn't buy one of these kits instead of a real one.
But I'm going to do a major kitbash where you wouldn't be able to recognize
the original kit anyway. And the way I figure it, if I botch the job on a
kit that cost me half as much, it won't hurt as much.
I don't know about you, but getting 1/144 EW kits in Ottawa costs about $30
if you can find them.

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>I've seen some of them.
>A little place in chine town sells some, and this is what I've noticed for
>this particular bootleg:
>The box images are deformed. They seem to have the EW 1/100 covers altered
>for the 1/144 models boxes
>They company name is BENDAI, and it's in a red diamond instead of a square
>I didn't have a chance to look inside, but it appears that someone got
>of the molds, or remolded the plastic to recreate the kit. I can only
>that it's a cheap copy of the original.
>It was about half the price, and I'm tempted to get on to see how bad it
>really is.

DO NOT BUY. I bought one -- a gundam Hydra, just to replace the head gear
which was missing, and damn...IT IS HORRIBLE. Just don't buy it, trust me.

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