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PS is still being called PSX for reasons against Nintendo. In fact they
should have stay with Playstation X.

>In a message dated 8/24/00 6:50:36 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
><< .... I thought the next gen nintendo platform was
> supposed to be the dolphin tho? >>
> It was. Dolphin was the code name, but Nintendo has settled on Game Cube,
>at least for now. Who knows, Nintendo could change its name yet again.
>Remember, the PS used to be called PSX in development stages. The Saturn,
>N64, Dreamcast all had code names.
> Well, Nintendo seems to have taken the extreme route to mature games. I've
>seen pictures and read Previews of Conker's Bad Fur day and it's on the
>extreme side. It will have crude jokes, gore, peeing on flame enemies to put
>them out, etc. Although, I classifiy this is sick, NOT "mature". No, this
>NOT a joke, as it's way past April and there's still progress reports on the
>game. Realstic blood and stuff is fine, but not gore for gore's sake.
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