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Originally, the TRU models came with some extra panthlets describing Gundam
Wing's synopsis and also showcasing the other models in the series. But
those appear to have dissiapeared, and all that's left is a manuel and
another manuel which is exactly the same, but without the pictures of the

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I have never seen any Wing models with English printed on it. Incidentally,
I heard that there are a lot of bootleg models flowing on the market. Most
of them have Chinese and Korean instructions printed on the boxes. So
consumers better watch out!

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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Difference between old and new Gundam Wings 1/144
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> >Do anyone knows the difference between the old and new versions of the
> >Gundam Wings models? I know the new ones comes with 1/35 pilot figures.
> >i want to know the difference in terms of molding quality, colors, and
> >structures of the models. Thanks a lot.
>The kits are identical, you paid another 100 yen for the figure and the new
>CG box art. The instruction manual has also been updated to include the
>figure in the parts list and list the kit as from the "WF" series, but is
>otherwise identical to the old version.
>Incidentally, there is yet another "new" version to the U.S. release of
>the Wing model kits - the boxes are now all printed in English and there
>is no Japanese or English stickers anywhere on it, however, still no
>as the box art is the same as the older version. Makes you wonder if they
>were planning to release the figure version kits here as if they were,
>was no point in giving the old version's box a makeover. I wonder if the
>mecha explanations on the assembly instruction sheet has been translated as
>well - there are tons of misspellings on the box though, like "BASTER
>"DOVER GUN", etc. Bandai of America must tried really hard to retain that
>badly dubbed Asian movie feel...
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