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>> I think up to this point everyone is just avoiding the
>> obvious:
>> Dorothy + Relena (opposites attract? There you have it!
>> If Heero keeps
>> pulling his disappearance act, this is what will
>> eventually happen)

>Duo: you know, you really ought to say something to her.
>Heero: No way. You know I can't say a word whenever she's
>around.... well, except a sentence that has the word "kill"
>in it.
>Duo:I'm telling you, that girl has been chasing after you
>ever since you met on the beach.
>Heero: *sigh* Maybe Quatre can teach me how to pimp.

Zechs: You know, maybe that girl can talk some sense into my crazy sister.
Then again she just might end up crazier than before. (pacifist stalker who
secretly loves war, AH KAMI-SAMA!!!)

>> Trowa + Quatre (even yaoi-hating Wing fans readily admit
>> there's something
>> going on between these two...)

>Trowa: ...and thats why lions like me.
>Quatre: That's nothing, I'll show you what Rasid taught me
>Trowa: Rasid?

>On cue, the forty maganaucs step in the room... O_o

>....and play...

>Trowa: cool! you got the second string on cue!
>Quatre: I told you the guys loved Beethoven.

>! what on earth are you guys thinking?! ^_^

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