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>> Dorothy Winner wrote:
>> >
>> > This is a poll. I just want people's opinion, on who
>> > Dorothy should be paired with, and on who Quatre
>> > should be paired with.
>> >
>> > Thanks!

><blink, blink> for a moment there I thought that I was
>reading a post a GW mailing list...

This is the GUNDAM mailing list after all, and we should try to be open to
non UC Gundam questions and stuff.

>--- Heero <> wrote:
>> Just wondering, has anyone out there seen the EW movie?
>> I heard they
>> showed Dorothy in it. She was the only character they
>> didn't show in
>> the series. Also, did they show Hilde more than at the
>> end credits when
>> she and Duo met on that grassy hillside? Any info would
>> be appreciated.
>> Peter

>In one version of EW (I'm not sure if its in the OAV or the
>Movie ver) Dorothy pulls up in a pure gold truck and starts
>rallying the people, THEN Wufei comes in. Thats why you
>suddenly see Nataku standing with the mass of people
>rallying against Mariemeia's army....

>In another version of the end credits, you see Duo and
>Hilde eating near a restaurant or something (you also see
>the Maganaucs in thier "new" job as carpenters <?>, and a
>few other scenes regarding what happened to everyone else).

It's the movie all right.

>Can anyone tell me why Sandrock's cape can withstand the
>heat of re-entry?

It's in the Gundam Wing universe, anything can happen. Seriously, it's
probably made up of heat resistant material like Super Gundamium-laced Nomex
or something. It is KINDA practical since it can help smooth the flow of hot
air around it in reentry.
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