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It's kind of like Playstation is anime and Nintendo is well, most American
cartoons. Apart from a few gems(Like Goldeneye), the latter has focused too
much on fluff, while the first often has deep, epic, engrossing games like
Metal Gear Solid, Chrono Cross,Grandia, Xenogears, the Final Fantasy series
and stuff that's just fun like Capcom's fighting games and the multiple
dancing games.The Playstation makes the kind of games Nintendo used to on
the SNES system, before things went 3D. Nintendo is mostly Pokemon and bad
Sports games now.

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<< .... I thought the next gen nintendo platform was
 supposed to be the dolphin tho? >>

   It was. Dolphin was the code name, but Nintendo has settled on Game Cube,
at least for now. Who knows, Nintendo could change its name yet again.
Remember, the PS used to be called PSX in development stages. The Saturn,
N64, Dreamcast all had code names.

  Well, Nintendo seems to have taken the extreme route to mature games. I've
seen pictures and read Previews of Conker's Bad Fur day and it's on the
extreme side. It will have crude jokes, gore, peeing on flame enemies to put
them out, etc. Although, I classifiy this is sick, NOT "mature". No, this
NOT a joke, as it's way past April and there's still progress reports on the
game. Realstic blood and stuff is fine, but not gore for gore's sake.


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