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I have never seen any Wing models with English printed on it. Incidentally,
I heard that there are a lot of bootleg models flowing on the market. Most
of them have Chinese and Korean instructions printed on the boxes. So
consumers better watch out!

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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Difference between old and new Gundam Wings 1/144
>Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2000 00:25:36 -0700
> >Do anyone knows the difference between the old and new versions of the
> >Gundam Wings models? I know the new ones comes with 1/35 pilot figures.
> >i want to know the difference in terms of molding quality, colors, and
> >structures of the models. Thanks a lot.
>The kits are identical, you paid another 100 yen for the figure and the new
>CG box art. The instruction manual has also been updated to include the
>figure in the parts list and list the kit as from the "WF" series, but is
>otherwise identical to the old version.
>Incidentally, there is yet another "new" version to the U.S. release of
>the Wing model kits - the boxes are now all printed in English and there
>is no Japanese or English stickers anywhere on it, however, still no
>as the box art is the same as the older version. Makes you wonder if they
>were planning to release the figure version kits here as if they were,
>was no point in giving the old version's box a makeover. I wonder if the
>mecha explanations on the assembly instruction sheet has been translated as
>well - there are tons of misspellings on the box though, like "BASTER
>"DOVER GUN", etc. Bandai of America must tried really hard to retain that
>badly dubbed Asian movie feel...
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