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At 00:28 08/24/2000 -0400, Chris Maier wrote:
>Yeah, not only are they opposite genders, but while Gato is totally devoted
>to Zeon, Cima will do what she can to sell them out.

        Not exactly -- Cima will do what she can to *survive*. While what
she did isn't exactly honourable or glorious, she did survive until 0083,
and had she been a bit more careful, she would probably have been a force to
reckon with in Z or ZZ.

        Gato, OTOH, is an idealist that people will willingly follow. Gato
is a symbol, whereas Cima is a doer. The fact that Gato is an idealist and
Cima a realist is, I think, the fundamental difference between them.

>One is held in high acclaim for his skills, the other despised by other Zeon
>for her role in the colony gassings.

        Cima is bitter with the entire world -- she despised Zeonist for
leaving her and her troops out to dry after all she has done for "the
greater good of Zeon", and the Feds won't touch her with an 8-foot pole
because of what she did.
        Compared to the "poster boy" image of Gato, Cima looks rather evil,
but in a sense she is the braver of the two.

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