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On Wednesday, August 23, 2000 10:02 AM, Roland Thigpen
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> Why is that bizarre? They have editted and uneditted versions of the
dubbed VHS tapes and completely unedited DVDs that have both subbed and
dubbed versions on it (there are no VHS subs of Wing). If you see any new
anime on tv anymore and then later on tape, it will most likely follow this
pattern. Additionally, most companies are now releasing only dubbed versions
of VHS and the subs are now only going to be released on DVD. AnimeVillage
is doing this now with alot of their Gundam stuff (soon to be expanded to
other titles as well I believe), and ADV is doing that now with alot of
their new releases....or at least will be soon enough. Subbed videos don't
sell all that well in America (mostly only to avid anime fans, and by now,
most of those have DVD players...and besides, DVDs are usually the better
> So, exactly why would having completely unedited DVDs be bizarre?

Ahh, well, see, there's where you have me. =) Not only do I not have my
fingers in DVD, but it'sbeen ages since I bought or rented any new-ish
anime. So a lack of information on my part. Sorry.

- dom

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