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GGen0 quick Qs
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  a) One of the FAQs implies that you should be able to sally your own troops. I never got the chance to do that, but incredibly I've managed to off every single baddie with those three pathetic GMs. =) Except the Blue Destiny, of course, but I'll get to that in a sec. What did I have to do to get my MS on the field? *sob* I had three Gundams and an Apsaras ready to rock! And they're cooling their heels somewhere! Argh!

      You have to set up your group on the MAP by looking at the stage MAP during "briefing", then see if there's a "white" square. If so, just go to that square and press circle, then you can put one of your battleship or unit on that square.

  c) How do I kill that damned Blue Destiny 01 with only three GMs? He keeps regenning his HP and Energy; I can't hack him to death with beam sabers because his return attack outright kills one MS. Mind, I could just as easily capture enemy base but I want to be thorough. =)

      See answer to a). You have to put your units on there, if you want to get a quick victory. Maybe it's just me, but I manage to defeat the Blue Destiny without any of my uints!

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