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> Agreed. Versatility is terribly useful on the battlefiend. I tend to like
> a low cheese factor in my Gundams (except for the Sentinel FAZZ ... mmmm
> ... big gun .... eheheheh violence! explosions!), but one of the cooler
> ideas was the F-90's swappable parts. Sure some of them were ridiculous,
> but make a mass produced F-90 with toned down weapon and equipment packs
> and it could be nifty. A GM with hardpoints for mounting a variety of
> weapon packs could really show those Zeon scum :P

For me, the most dazzling display of weapon is the Crossbone Gundams. Beam
gun, beam zanzabar, beam sabers, heat daggers, 90mm, beam cloak, brand
marker/beam shield, with the optional atomic shell. Hell, this is the only
mobile suit to make beam shield assisted re-entry. Other than not having
nifty newtype man/machine interface ala Psycho Control System of Psycho
Gundam or the Bio Sensor of Zeta/ZZ, this mobile suit out weapons most
mobile suits.

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