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>Hello all, I was just looking at the Gundam Project's
>goods - books page and noticed there's a whole lot of
>books I havent seen or heard of. Here they are, if
>anyone can give me some info I'd greatly appreciate it:
>Comic BomBom Special 84
>MS WARS: Mobile Suit Gundam 0083
>Publisher: Kodansha
>Okay, I've heard bits and pieces about this one, but
>can someone give me an overview?

Color pages are mostly "film comics" featuring screen
shots, with some NewType style of original/exclusive
illustrations scattered around the pages. The design
data pages aren't as complete or detailed as the 3 books
from Keibunsha, but what's cool about this book is there
is a section of interviews with the VAs and it's fun
putting faces to the voices - Gato is voiced by a bearded
older man, while the VA for Keith looked just the part.

The surface size is smaller than the usualy NewType 100%
Collection books but thicker. I'd say it compares to the
0083 Rapport Deluxe book in size. It's also about the
same size as the Keibunsha books, but thicker.

>I've got no clue about the rest. I"m definately
>interested in relative merits and detractions, as well
>as general chances of finding them.
>Publisher: Mediaworks

This book should still be in print and easily available,
it's basically a collection of the 3 OVAs around the
OYW, so you get shallow coverage of 8th MS Team, 0080,
and 0083 bridged by MSV designs. MediaWorks actually
released another Data Collection book dedicated to
just The 08th MS Team later, which has more detail
and is more complete as it includes the mecha that
appeared in the last episodes of the series.

>Entertainment Bible 42 MS Picture Encyclopedia Part.6:
>Delaz Conflict Edition (first volume)
>Publisher: Bandai
>Entertainment Bible 46 MS Picture Encyclopedia Part.7:
>Delaz Conflict Edition (second volume)
>Publisher: Bandai

These two books are out of print and your only hopes are
collectibles stores and online auctions. First book
covers earth and second book covers space. Amazingly
detailed as to characters and mecha, but everything is
pocket-sized so the pictures suffered from being small.
There are also MS development chart in these books too,
it's probably better than the Keibunsha one in this

>Keibunsha Encyclopedia Extra MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0083
>Keibunsha Encyclopedia Extra MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0083
>STARDUST MEMORY: Stratagem Edition
>Publisher: Keibunsha
>Keibunsha Encyclopedia Extra MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM 0083
>STARDUST MEMORY: Lightning Flash Edition
>Publisher: Keibunsha

Hehehe... I believe I got this set recently from Gus,
who convinced me to get the whole set instead of just
getting the 2 books I didn't have.

The Raid Edition covers the first 5 episodes - you've
got illustrations, visual story (film comic), color
charts (cel drawings of characters and mecha), design
data, the works. Stratagem edition covers episodes
6-10, and the Lightning Flash edition covers the last
3 episodes. What's really cool is that each book has
cool comparison charts like gangshot of characters
for relative height, or relative size of ships, etc.
There are also detailed maps of each battle, tracing
the routes taken by each side/unit. The books also
touch on related series - OYW and 0080, tying the MS
from each series together in a neat genealogy tree.
There is an amazing amount of details culled from the
production, even the layouts for major backgrounds
(control room, bridge, etc.) are here. The chance
of finding them? Slim. I've had all the other books
you listed for years but only managed to complete
this set recently.

Without comparing to my copy of the NewType 100%
Collection and Rapport Deluxe books, this Keibunsha
set is probably the most comprehensive set of
references among the ones you've listed, although the
MS Wars book does have some exclusive and gorgeous
full color, full page illustrations, while the
EBs are great for mecha-heads who travel a lot. As
for Data Collection 3... it's only for collectors who
must have every Gundam book.


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