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Happy B'day from GML!

Echo|Fox wrote:

> W00t!
> My roommate picked this up last night and damn is it cool. As much as I
> enjoyed playing Virta On in the arcade, it's entirely unplayable on the DC
> without twinsticks (sorry to anyone who says you can work it, but it just
> ain't the same). Of course, Tech Romancer has more in common with, say,
> Soul Calibur fused with One Must Fal 2097 than it does with VO:OT, but for
> those who want their giant robot fix (and Side Story 0079 is just too
> short), this is a good bed.
> Fairly simple control scheme, button mashers can have reasonable initial
> success, but you've really gotta get the combo's and special moves down to
> advance very far in the story mode.
> And there's a Gundam in it.
> Sort of =) There are no licensed characters in it, so they're more
> parodies/tributes. You've got the Dixen, which is pretty much a Gundam
> with some Virtua On elements. It's got a GX like satellite cannon, a beam
> sabre, a beam rifle and a bazooka, and some noticable Gundam stylings.
> It's the character i've played the most so far.
> Then you've got the Rafaga, which is basically a Macross Valkyrie, except
> its a helicopter. It's got Battroid/Gerwalk/Copter modes, a pin point
> barrier bunch, missile swarms, and really does look like a Kawamori
> design. It's Helicoptor mode reminds me a lot of the VA-6B from Macross
> VFX, actually.
> Now, behind the Gundam, you've got my next favorite ... G.Kaiser. I don't
> really care for the 70's robot look, but this guy looks way too close to
> Gekiganger (who rules the school!). He's got a move where his fists fly
> off and punch the enemy, and I was taking great pleasure in yelling
> GEKIGA-PUNCH! every time I did that. When I found out how to do
> GEKIGA-BEAM! i was set for the night :P
> You've also got Wiseduck, which is a cross between a Monster Destroid and
> a Battletech MadCat/Timberwolf.
> There's a sailor moon 'bot, a la VO, and a big red 'bot with some 70's
> stylings, that has some noticable Zeonic influences. I can see bits of
> Sazabi and Dom in there. There's an Evangelion wannabe (although why you'd
> wannabe is beyond me :P) thats got a lance of longinuss attack, one really
> wierd big round walking ball-house-bomb thing that I can't place...
> Tack on the fact that its got a cool branching storyline for each
> character, a decent fighting system, recognizable bots, this is a decent
> value for your dreamcast dollar. Did I mention one of the robots has a
> special move that involves a colony drop? ;p
> I'm already looking forward to going home to play it .....
> Oh, and it's my birthday today ... bloody 20. I feel old and stuff.
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