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Tue, 22 Aug 2000 10:51:34 -0600 (MDT)

My roommate picked this up last night and damn is it cool. As much as I
enjoyed playing Virta On in the arcade, it's entirely unplayable on the DC
without twinsticks (sorry to anyone who says you can work it, but it just
ain't the same). Of course, Tech Romancer has more in common with, say,
Soul Calibur fused with One Must Fal 2097 than it does with VO:OT, but for
those who want their giant robot fix (and Side Story 0079 is just too
short), this is a good bed.
Fairly simple control scheme, button mashers can have reasonable initial
success, but you've really gotta get the combo's and special moves down to
advance very far in the story mode.
And there's a Gundam in it.
Sort of =) There are no licensed characters in it, so they're more
parodies/tributes. You've got the Dixen, which is pretty much a Gundam
with some Virtua On elements. It's got a GX like satellite cannon, a beam
sabre, a beam rifle and a bazooka, and some noticable Gundam stylings.
It's the character i've played the most so far.
Then you've got the Rafaga, which is basically a Macross Valkyrie, except
its a helicopter. It's got Battroid/Gerwalk/Copter modes, a pin point
barrier bunch, missile swarms, and really does look like a Kawamori
design. It's Helicoptor mode reminds me a lot of the VA-6B from Macross
VFX, actually.
Now, behind the Gundam, you've got my next favorite ... G.Kaiser. I don't
really care for the 70's robot look, but this guy looks way too close to
Gekiganger (who rules the school!). He's got a move where his fists fly
off and punch the enemy, and I was taking great pleasure in yelling
GEKIGA-PUNCH! every time I did that. When I found out how to do
GEKIGA-BEAM! i was set for the night :P
You've also got Wiseduck, which is a cross between a Monster Destroid and
a Battletech MadCat/Timberwolf.
There's a sailor moon 'bot, a la VO, and a big red 'bot with some 70's
stylings, that has some noticable Zeonic influences. I can see bits of
Sazabi and Dom in there. There's an Evangelion wannabe (although why you'd
wannabe is beyond me :P) thats got a lance of longinuss attack, one really
wierd big round walking ball-house-bomb thing that I can't place...

Tack on the fact that its got a cool branching storyline for each
character, a decent fighting system, recognizable bots, this is a decent
value for your dreamcast dollar. Did I mention one of the robots has a
special move that involves a colony drop? ;p

I'm already looking forward to going home to play it .....

Oh, and it's my birthday today ... bloody 20. I feel old and stuff.

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