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I always figured that they would end up with each other. After all,
both were able to detect one another in battle, so it's obvious they
have some sort of bond. After their duel when Quatre wanted her to
leave Libra, he cared about what happened to her. Then again, he
probably feels the same towards everybody. Besides, in one of my GW
books I have, there are artists' renditions of male-female pairings
which included Heero-Relena, Duo-Hilde, Trowa-Catherine (the only
non-romantic one, at least I hope not considering their fraternal
relationship), Wufei-Sally, Milliardo-Noin, Treize-Une, and
Quatre-Dorothy, so it seems others feel there is a connection between
themas well. Quarte was able to help Dorothy revaluate her life, and
she'll probably never forget that.

Just wondering, has anyone out there seen the EW movie? I heard they
showed Dorothy in it. She was the only character they didn't show in
the series. Also, did they show Hilde more than at the end credits when
she and Duo met on that grassy hillside? Any info would be appreciated.


Dorothy Winner wrote:
> This is a poll. I just want people's opinion, on who
> Dorothy should be paired with, and on who Quatre
> should be paired with.
> Thanks!
> ~Dorothy Winner
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