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> Agreed. Versatility is terribly useful on the battlefiend. I tend to like
> a low cheese factor in my Gundams (except for the Sentinel FAZZ ... mmmm
> ... big gun .... eheheheh violence! explosions!), but one of the cooler

I wonder if I can swap in my crappy Sentinel FAZZ for a MG. Hmmm. ^_~ About
the only thing useful I got outta that kit was the ammo chain on the big
honkin gun.

> ideas was the F-90's swappable parts. Sure some of them were ridiculous,
> but make a mass produced F-90 with toned down weapon and equipment packs
> and it could be nifty. A GM with hardpoints for mounting a variety of
> weapon packs could really show those Zeon scum :P

I read somewhere recently about making your own hardpoints on kits, but of
course my scrambled brain will never divulge where. Doesn't matter, don't
think it would be too hard to implement as long as the kit isn't assembled
before you make the hardpoint. =) (Or unless you're really careful and
lucky, I suppose.)

I love the plug-in forearm-mounted rifle on Gasaraki's Raiden and was
thinking of trying something similar on a GM.

> > I am NOT a starving writer.

I am. =) *stomach grumbles*

- dom

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