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Agreed. Versatility is terribly useful on the battlefiend. I tend to like
a low cheese factor in my Gundams (except for the Sentinel FAZZ ... mmmm
... big gun .... eheheheh violence! explosions!), but one of the cooler
ideas was the F-90's swappable parts. Sure some of them were ridiculous,
but make a mass produced F-90 with toned down weapon and equipment packs
and it could be nifty. A GM with hardpoints for mounting a variety of
weapon packs could really show those Zeon scum :P

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On Tue, 22 Aug 2000, Richie Ramos wrote:

> At 09:46 AM 8/22/00 -0400, you wrote: > >Actually, the RX-79(G) would seem to be the most multi-role of all the OYW > >(Feddie) Mobile Suits. The arnament it carries allows it to funstion both > >as close combat and artillery -in fact, doesn't it pack larger shells than > >an RX-75 Guntank, of course the Guntank has longer range but still for sheer > >firepower. Also, the amount of sensors packed into the head make it usefull > >for scout and recon missions. > > > >"So this is Gundam" Sgt. Terry Sanders Jr. upon killing a Zaku and frying > >it's pilot in 08th MS Team episode 2. > > I dunno, a GM is supposed to be the most multi-role, since the prototypes I > don't consider as multi-role, more of close quarters combat specialist. > > But for all around stuff, it's the zaku -- basically since one can modify > it to the environment easily, if the number of variants can be seen as > evidence. for me, the perfect weapon must be in tune with the environment > it's gonna be used in. if it's an all-around unit, I still say go for the > GM or a zaku. > > > > If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a > flashlight. > > Richard "Richie" Ramos, Associate Editor > Localvibe -- Changing the way you see your city! > > > url: > ofc: (632) 4167486 > fax: (632) 4167479 > cel: 0917-4024780 > hse: (632) 7231308 (emergency use) > ICQ#: 12914919 > > I am NOT a starving writer. > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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