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>Actually, the RX-79(G) would seem to be the most multi-role of all the OYW
>(Feddie) Mobile Suits. The arnament it carries allows it to funstion both
>as close combat and artillery -in fact, doesn't it pack larger shells than
>an RX-75 Guntank, of course the Guntank has longer range but still for sheer
>firepower. Also, the amount of sensors packed into the head make it usefull
>for scout and recon missions.
>"So this is Gundam" Sgt. Terry Sanders Jr. upon killing a Zaku and frying
>it's pilot in 08th MS Team episode 2.

I dunno, a GM is supposed to be the most multi-role, since the prototypes I
don't consider as multi-role, more of close quarters combat specialist.

But for all around stuff, it's the zaku -- basically since one can modify
it to the environment easily, if the number of variants can be seen as
evidence. for me, the perfect weapon must be in tune with the environment
it's gonna be used in. if it's an all-around unit, I still say go for the
GM or a zaku.

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