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I'm a beam weapon junkie. If it's got a cool gimmick Beam or melee
weapon I probably like it.

1)Deathscythe Hell Custom's Scythe
It just finishes up that whole Grim Reaper look so well and I just love
when Duo halves about 5 Leo's at a time
with it.

2)Gelgoog Beam Nagata
On the model it just looks sweet. I just finished my Gelgoog the other
day and I love posing that sucker like
a big nastier version of Darth Maul.

3)Sandrock's Heat Shorters
Them puppies are sweet. Just two big ole siccles coming to gut you. For
such a gentle guy
Quatre had one nasty mobile suit.

4) The Atomic Bazooka and The Twin Buster Rifle
Just for the sheer overkill of the blast

But still all and all give me a suit like a GM Custom or a Zaku II that
just has a butt load of simple yet effective weapons. Weapons for
maximum effectiveness no matter the enemy or situation. I mean think
about it what would you rather have? A giant cannon,head vulcans, and a
beam saber or a bazooka,a machine gun,grenades,and a Heat hawk? You have
heavy odinance,surpressing fire,anti troop weapons and anti emplacement
weapons as well as a good melee weapon.
John Tay wrote:

> okay, so much for fav gundam & fav
> characters..how'bout which is your fav. weapons ??
> For a start..my fav is :
> 1) The Atomic Bazooka from GP02A. Really like this guy
> & not to mention his awesome weapon!
> 2) The super cannon by Super Gundam...very sleek.
> 3) Fin Fannel from Nu Gundam....the remote control
> weapon!
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