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Hokay, here goes, in no particular order.

Char: The guy has more twists and turns in his motives and character than
most other character casts. BUT, what I did like in the end is that no
matter how he cut it, it still came down to a personal rivalry between
himself and Amuro. THAT, made him human. He was a larger than life figure
with a human failing, thus making him double tragic, in my book. He could
say all the ideals he wanted, but in the end, it was really just his
personal thing. VERY nice. He's not truly evil. He's a hurt little boy.

Amuro: He is the reverse of Char; he's very human, but within that very
humanness is his capability to transcend. Sure, he's a nasty MS Pilot and
sure, he has Newtype powers, and yes, he is a spoiled kid, but he
transcends these characteristics when it comes right down to what he really
does value.

Anavel Gato: He is basically a space samurai. What makes it so sad,
though, is that he was so narrow in his focus. But he was brilliant in how
he navigated his life through all the possible impediments to his honor.

Heero Yuy: Yes he is AC. He is the most intriguing, precisely because he
is so...unadorable? He's not just your average killer teenage pilot.
watch the ending of endless waltz.

Relena: YES, RELENA. She is the heart and soul, really, of the whole
series, and one better watch why she is that.

Cima Garaha: She's nasty, she's a space pirate, and her idea of gas is not
meant for the toilet. I dunno, but it's obvious that she is not all's just that she is accustomed to dealing with people in that
manner...but she is loyal to her crew, and it seems that she acts that way
because she herself was manipulated a long time ago. She's a very
convincing villain.

If I wanted to rage against the dying of the light, I would have brought a

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