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I agree, we shouldn't forget about the men/women behind the machines. Shiro
Amada is one of my favorite characters and probably the best (Feddie)
Commander I've had the pleasure of watching. He is also one of the few
people who seem to be well adjusted even after traumatic events in his past,
this in fact gives him a lot of depth as compared to the other i'm angsty
cuz my parents/girlfriend was killed characters (no offense meant).

P.S. Char would get my vote for man/pilot best used to get G Wing fan-girls
interested in the origianl series. As one of my fan-girl friends said "Char
is the perfect Gundam character, he's Zechs and Treize all rolled into one".
(no offense to fan girls)

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>Subject: [gundam] Favorite ... character?

>What with all the polls on favorite mobile suit designs, >favorite Gundams
>et all of late, we seem to be forgetting they who pilot those >hunks of
>metal. So here we go, name your favorite characters, and what >makes them
>worthy of attention.
>So i'll go first:

>Shiro Amada: Lead character of 08th MS Team, he's really >everything a
>mobile suit team leader should be. He's got skill, creativity, >leadership,
>and believes firmly in his own code of honor. He's a grownup >compared to
>many characters, and has neither newtype powers or bishounen >looks on his
>side, yet he believable pulled through in the end and got the >girl. He
>really does care about those beneath him and was repeatedly >proved to be a
>competent commander, as well as a solid, if not stellar, pilot. >If I was
>assembling a team of ground pounder mobile suits, Shiro's the >man I'd call
>to lead it.

>Norris Packard: Of all the Gundam I've seen, Norris really >comes off as
>one of the best Zeon pilots out there. His use of the terrain in
>his final fight against the 08th MS Team was unmatched ... .never have I
>seen such a perfect combination between pilot and MS (his >Gouf). His
>devotion to Zeon comes off as genuine, rather than forced (cough
>cough Gato cough), and the father/daughter thing between he and >Ayna was
>nicely done. He also gets my vote for coolest death, because >even when he
>loses, he wins.

>Do I like the 08th MS Team? Hell yeh I do =) It's the best >I've .watched
>far ... only seeing 1/3rd of Zeta isn't enough for me to fully >respect
>Camille, and my complete lack of exposure to MSG means I can't >rightly
>comment on Amuro and Char, CCA just isn't adequate.

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